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I built this section of my website as a pitch to show how I can help your business with Branding, Web Design, and Copy Writing.  Additionally, I needed a deliverable portfolio project for my Praxis Apprenticeship.  


So, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone!

( pun intended XD )

I love your name!  The moment I saw it in text, images of peaceful orderly zen gardens popped into my mind.

I'm not sure what aesthetic you personally prefer, but my inspiration ran wild with the way cleaning companies help keep their customer's worlds in order.  Your software helps those companies organize their own Booking, Billing, and Team members.  In each design, I tried to convey a sense of simplicity, order, and cleanliness.  Each one is meant to show that ZenMaid is a modern software company, whose purpose is helping Cleaning Services eliminate the headache of office management.


I hope my logo designs and this web page are as zen for you as they have been for me!

In Buddhist art, the Lotus is a symbol of purity.  While its roots are buried deep in the nourishing mud, its flower breaks free from the water and soil to open it's beautifully layered petals.  The fully blooming Lotus signifies enlightenment.  I think both of these ideas, the purity from the muck, and the enlightenment are excellent representations of ZenMaid's service.  


Additionally, the color of the bloom offers a second layer of meaning.  The blue Lotus shows the perfection of wisdom, while the white signifies a purified mental state.  I've combined both these meanings and added to them by making the central petal a droplet of water, expressing cleanliness.

Combined, the elements in this design are meant to show enlightenment, purity, and wisdom.  I think each of these ideas perfectly embodies ZenMaid.



The bamboo fountain, or Shishi Odoshi, was originally a device designed to scare wildlife from rice fields. 


Eventually, Zen monks began using the fountains in their gardens as a meditative focal point for mental detoxification.  The Shishi Odohsi also features prominently in some Tea Houses, where visitors ritualistically cleanse themselves.


For me, the compartmentalization of the bamboo directly correlates to how ZenMaid isolates and automates it's users' business processes, while the gently pouring water illustrates cleansing and purity.


Together, both my personal interpretation and the cultural meaning of the Shishi Odoshi combine to produce an image of structure, clarity, and detoxification that closely parallels many of ZenMaid's features!

For me, the word Zen automatically conjures images of orderly rows of raked sand surrounding small stacks of rocks, whose rounded shape symbolizes a praying Buddha.


My first design focuses on the natural simplicity of the Buddha-esque rocks.  

I love how the stones' organically random shapes can be brought into order when properly organized.  I think the rocks alone make a beautiful parallel with the service that ZenMaid provides.


The painted, intentionally imperfect Enso contrasts with the smooth rocks.  The open circle symbolizes freedom of movement and perfection of purpose, while the hand-drawn brush stroke aesthetic expresses a moment when the mind is free and clear, allowing the body to create.


I think the combination of ordered rocks surrounded by freedom of mind is the ultimate expression of ZenMaid!


Like what you see?



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In coming up with branding designs, I kept feeling like your website could also be made to better match the Zen ideal.  So, I built the Home page to reflect many of the concepts I was using in my logo designs.  The idea is to bring down complexity while providing a better call to action.  This is done by reducing and condensing content to the point that there is no need for the customer to explore further than the landing page.


First, I made your lead capture more streamlined.  Now users are prompted to give you their contact information as soon as they land on your page.  The copy is very, very close to what you are currently using, but cut down to only the essentials.  Finally, I have added an image of a Zen garden in the place of your large blue field, thus recalling your name and showing tranquility!


Moving down the page, I combined all the various descriptions of your product's functionality into one set and made brand new icons for each feature.  The user is now primed to take action!


Next, I brought your Pricing & Plans onto the home page rather than directing them to a new location.  This makes the customer's experience more smooth and prompts them to take action on what they have just read.


Finally, I have reduced down and cleaned up your testimonials section, and added links back to their website's. Many potential customers won't really care about reviews you are choosing to show them, so there's no need to have very many.


If you're interested, I would be happy to explain my ideas further over a Zoom meeting!




Web Design


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" ― Coco Chanel​


This web page was designed by Andrew Epps as a Portfolio Project and Design Pitch.


If your interested in the ZenMaid software check out their website Here!