I've Heard this Before...​

So, I just finished How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Annnnnnd ... it all felt awfully familiar.



Prior to starting in the Praxis program, I had never heard of Dale Carnegie.  But I had heard the phrase "win friends and influence people" thousands of times through my life.



When I found the book on the Praxis reading list I was puzzled.  The title has been part of my familial lexicon at least since my Mom was a kid.  I asked her if she had ever read the book?  She hadn't. Finally, we decided my Grandfather must have been in one of Mr. Carnegie's classes when he attended a business school in Philadelphia during the mid-1960s.



As I read the book, I became increasingly positive that Papa Richard had been a student of Carnegie's methods.  Without fail, each new principle described in the book corresponded directly with something my Grandfather had told me or my Mother.  My Grandfather's stories and sayings have been teaching me about How to Win Friends and Influence People all of my life.



Reading the book re-affirmed my Grandfathers sage advice.  It reminded me of the times in my life where I have followed his advice, and the times when I could have done better.



Thanks to one of the wisest, most diplomatic men I've had the privilege of knowing, Richard W. Roman, I had heard this before.




This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

Andrew Epps