Just Write

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” - Steven Pressfield (Author)



If you are anything like me, you've thought about writing a book on several different occasions. You might have even started writing.  Inevitably, you quit once it sinks in just how much work it can take to write a book.



Here's the thing, it isn't nearly as much work as you think. You are allowing your resistance and fear to trick you into overestimating the magnitude of writing a book.



So, let's break down how much work it actually takes to write a book.  This month (Febuary 2017) I wrote a blog post every single day.  Each evening I sat down at my computer and made one complete piece of content.  Some of my posts were quite short, under 150 words in length.  Others were much longer, some over 1500 words.  The amount I wrote each day really didn't matter, as long as I wrote something.  After 28 days of writing for between 15 minutes and 1 hour a day I had written just over 12000 words.  It would take the average person 45 minutes to read twelve thousand words.  That's not half bad for a few minutes of work each evening.



How much of a book is 12000 words?  The average nonfiction book is 50-75000 words. Now obviously there are loads of books with far higher word counts, but were not going to worry about those.  In 28 days I wrote one-fifth of a book and I did it while expending almost no effort. 



What's the secret to writing a book?  Write every day.  Write one freaking word if you need to, but write something every single day.



Stop letting resistance kill your dream of writing a book.  You can do this thing in your off time, during lunch, or on a coffee break.  Don't think about how big the project is, just get writing!

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Andrew Epps