What if there was a wolf all along?​

"It is poison - rank poison - to knuckle down to care and hardships. They must come to us all, albeit in different shapes, and we may not escape them. It is not possible. But we may swindle them out of half of their puissance with a stiff upper lip." - Mark Twain



I heard Aesop's great fable about a "boy who cried wolf" many times during my childhood.  Every time it was told to me, I wondered, what if there really had been a wolf each time, but the villagers simply couldn't see it for some reason.



When I was 18, I did something stupid (shocking right?) and jumped off the back of a truck while holding 150 pounds of animal feed on my shoulders.  This had an ... adverse effect on my back.  Then through living on a farm, I regularly re-tweaked my back.  For a very long time, I hurt essentially all the time, despite visiting doctors and physical therapists nothing made any real improvement.  At first, I commented (complained) on a very regular basis.  But life had to go on.  Over time, my family went sort of nose blind to my issue.  I don't blame them at all, it's a natural enough to tune out complaints about a problem you can't see or fix.  I realized that I was accidentally running into the "crying wolf syndrome".  I solved it by adopting a stiff upper lip, I only talked about being in pain when the problem was particularly acute.   



The point of telling this story isn't to try and garner sympathy.  Instead, I want to teach you a lesson that many people in this world haven't managed to learn.



Sometimes you need to just suck it up.  There are times in life when no one can change the situation, not you, your friends, or your family.  In these times there is nothing to be gained and much to be lost by complaining.  



Your wolf may be perfectly real, but if other people can't see it, or do anything about it, the villagers will start to ignore you all the same.


This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

Andrew Epps