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Simple Maid Service Software

that WORKS!



Modernize your cleaning business in less than 7 days. Guaranteed.


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  • Up to 30 employees


  • The ZenMaid Instant Booking Form


  • QuickBooks Integration


  • Credit Card Processing


  • No Hassle Calendar 


  • Automatic Reminder & confirmation system


  • Automatic Follow up


  • Employee Payroll & Tracking 


  • Free 24/7 Support



Start My Free Trial 

Start My Free Trial 

Start My Free Trial 


Pay once and use our software forever!





  • Up to 40 employees


  • All Basic & Premium Features


  • Lifetime Free Updates


  • Automatic Follow up



  • Contact us to Schedule a call 




For small business owners.






  • Up to 7 employees


  • No Hassle Calendar 


  • Automatic Reminder & confirmation system


  • Automatic Follow up


  • Employee Payroll & Tracking 


  • Free 24/7 Support



ZenMaid is the First and Only Residential Cleaning Business Software that

handles Management and Marketing for you!

Work Order Automation
No more repeating details to your team! Enter appointment information once, and ZenMaid creates and sends work orders to your cleaners.

Simple Calendar

The ZenMaid Scheduling System is the best on the market! No training necessary, you’ll understand it the first time you login!

Instant Booking

Turn your website visitors into paying customers with our results oriented contact and booking form that integrates customer information directly into ZenMaid.

QuickBooks Integration 

ZenMaid calculates employee pay and integrates with QuickBooks so you never have to enter data twice!

Multi Platform
No matter what web browser or operating system you use, as long as you have internet connectivity, you have access to ZenMaid!

Reminders & Follow Ups 

Eliminate your "No Shows" and generate customer reviews online with ZenMaid's automated Reminder and Follow-Up emails!

"ZenMaid has removed hours from our workload and made managing our company so much easier…   Plus it’s helped double our cleanings in just the last 3 months!"

Roman Peysakhovich
Owner, Maid Masters

"I have had the pleasure of using Zenmaid, and it has relieved so much stress & headache. Amar & his staff are incredibly knowledgable & easy to get ahold of. I highly recommend using this product no matter the size of your cleaning business"

Amanda Bartlett
Owner, Essence Home Cleaning, LLC​

Teamed with co-founder, Arun, after seeing the need for high-quality Maid Service Business Management software first hand while running his cleaning business, Fast Friendly Spotless.  At ZenMaid, Amar consults and speaks around the United States about marketing, automation, and outsourcing. He is recognized as a leading authority on technology for the cleaning industry.

Arun is a Stanford PhD and tech genius, specializing in highly functional,

easy-to-use technology.  He built the ZenMaid software from the ground up, writing every line of code himself.  Arun now works with our team of talented developers improving ZenMaid, while consulting with industry leaders.




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